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Technology of Optical Emission Spectroscopy

Our patented O. E. S. method works without tracer gas and reaches a sensitivity close to the sterility barrier defined as the MALL (Maximum Allowable Leakage Limit) in the USP <1207> guidelines. This method is non-destructive, deterministic, easy to use and to set up, faster and has higher sensitivity than other conventional methods.
The leak detector AMI 1000 is perfect for high sensitivity tests combined with high throughput and enables trend analysis to early indicate production issues.

Innovative solutions for the pharmaceutical industry

We offer a unique portfolio of equipment dedicated to the pharmaceutical industry and medical markets. Using three different technologies, leak testing and CCIT (Container Closure Integrity Testing) applications can address a wide range of products. This includes all type of non-porous containers, like blisters, vials, syringes and many more.

Helium Mass Spectrometry

Optical Emission Spectroscopy

Mass Extraction